HiPRWind General Assembly held at Bilbao


The HiPRWind project is arranging its General Assembly meeting at Bilbao (Spain) on 6th and 7th November 2012. The consortium partners are reporting on progress and important decisions are being made about the continuation of the work.

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Pre-Inspection meeting at Idesa completed


As part of Work Package 2, a Pre-Inspection Meeting was held yesterday (14 August 2012) between the fabrication partner Idesa, technical validation partner Bureau Veritas and industry partner Acciona Energia at the IDESA facility in Gijon (Spain). This meeting, which concentrated on reviewing the appropriate NDT (non-destructive testing) methods to be used during fabrication, marks an important step towards constructing the HiPRwind floater.

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HiPRwind platform design completed


The final engineering design for the 1.5 MW-scaled floating wind turbine to be used as the shared-access testing facility in the HiPRWind project has been approved by the procedure agreed among the relevant design partners during the month of May 2012, as part of Work Package 1. This allows the next phases of procuring construction materials and initiating the fabrication (Work Package 2) to start according to the global project planning.

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