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Some news and articles written by others about the HiPRwind project. Includes worldwide, national and regional coverage and trade & industry publication channels as well as mainstream media.  HiPRwind has planned a major ramp-up to be more "in the news" as we progress to the more visible phases of final construction, installation and actual use of the floating platform - so watch this space. Notes: Neither the HiPRwind project nor its participants endorse or confirm the quality of reporting. Some material may be subject to third party copyright. Contact the publisher/source for details on this.


March 2011: News in "Renewable Energy Focus" magazine mentions the HiPRwind project:

September 2012: A review of the global effort in floating wind technology, including HiPRWind,
has been published by an independent US consulting company, by kind agreement of the author,
it is available for download from our site.


March 2013: The daily La Nueva España carried a story about the progress of constructing elements for the
HiPRwind floater at HiPRWind partner IDESA. You can download the article (in Spanish) below.


20 November 2014: TV RTPA today broadcast an interview with IDESA Managing Director, Victor J. Martinez.
In the context of IDESA's participation in European R&D, he mentions especially the HiPRWind project. Video:

27 January 2015: Spanish national innovation agency praises HiPRWind for synergy:
At the national conference Ciencia Innova, high-level representatives of CDTI, Spain's agency for industrial R&D and innovation, listed HiPRWind as a "unique" example of synergy in collaborating between various sources of innovation funding. The slides can be downloaded here:

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