WP10. Project coordination.

The aims of this WP are:
• the coordination and management of all activities,
• communication, internal and external management of information,
• provision of the deliverables,
• assessment and reporting on the progress made (for partners and EC)
• development and application of risk mitigation strategies and an application of a contingency plan
  throughout the entire project in order to achieve project and WP objectives complete and in time.

The work in WP10 includes:

• Project Management
• Progress assessment of the individual work packages and the project as a whole
• Coordination
• Reporting
• Chairmanship of steering committee

The management work package includes management activities for both the economic and technical-scientific
aspects. It manages the interactions between the EC and the consortium partners and also among the latter.
In order to provide efficient operations, a steering committee will be setup formed by the coordinator and WP
leaders. Task leaders will support the WP leaders in achieving the results and by communicating with the
partners. The steering committee will develop strategies to avoid delays and decide on measures to mitigate
any delay or risk of failing to achieve the project objectives.

Quality and effectiveness of these mechanisms will be reviewed regularly and adjusted where necessary by
frequent teleconferences and face to face meetings of the steering committee. To handle the communication
and flow of information within the consortium effectively and to guarantee transparency of the progress
at any time, web based project management tools will be used extensively. The project management tool
(internal to partners) will be combined efficiently with the (public) web space of the project.

The project management team will prepare and maintain a Consortium Agreement protecting IPRs of the
partners, defining processes for decision making, and handling the access to and the utilisation of results.
• Periodic reports will be submitted yearly as contractually required.
• Yearly review meetings will be organised.

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