Selected public material by HiPRwind of interest is found here. Files are downloadable from the list below (however note that some may be subject to 3rd-party copyright). The list includes Deliverables (HiPRWind technical reports) with the contractual security classification "Public" according to the EC Grant Agreement. Please credit the project and this website ( when quoting.

The HiPRWind project introduced "Shared Access" as a key part of its dissemination strategy. This would have allowed extensive sharing of the collected results and data from the project, also to eligible parties outside the consortium. Results from the extensive sea tests at the HiPRWind floating platform were to be announced here as data became available, with a publicly accessible procedure for requesting and following-up Shared Access. Unfortunately, with the termination of HiPRWind (30.06.2015) without completing the platform, no such data will be collected, although the website will remain online and updates of a general nature may be posted.

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