Work Package 5. Controls, Power and Grid.

The objective of this work package is to design, develop and test control systems, grid connection and system
integration solutions for future offshore wind farms consisting of large wind turbines. Three main research tasks
are planned focused on the elimination of the current bottlenecks related to very high power offshore turbines
and in the stabilization of the mechanical structure. New power electronics, materials, power transmission
systems and control strategies will be studied carrying out numerical tools (existing or to be developed as
required), supported by measurements and prototype experiments.

Led by ABB, WP5 deals with design and development of the drive train, power electronics, grid-connection
and control of the wind turbine focusing on the offshore features and high power needs. The innovative solutions
from WP5 will be tested offshore and in laboratory at multi-MW prototypes. These tests will help to validate
the proposed concepts. In order to keep the costs of the project within reasonable limits, the wind turbine to be
used for the design and development of the floating platform and stabilization controls, is in the 1MW range. The
tasks related to power generation and transmission developed in WP5 deal with innovative drive train, power
electronics and controls for large wind turbines.


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