Some other projects with a certain thematic relationship to HiPRWind. We encourage you to visit their websites.

ORECCA: FP7 Coordinating Action for Offshore Renewable Energy in Europe, completed November 2011.
Produced the first Road Map for offshore renewables.

MARINA Platform: FP7 Research project on combined (including "hybrid") offshore energy technologies.
Industry-led project with top academic collaboration advancing the state-of-art. Completed in June 2014.

MaRINET: FP7 Research Infrastructure Network of 42 test labs and facilities in offshore energy R&D and testing.
From 2011 to 30.09.2015. Successfully ran 6 strongly oversubscribed Calls for developers and researchers.

INFLOW: FP7 Demo project (built on past national funding) developing a vertical-axis floating wind turbine.
Like HiPRWind, has been in rough waters, but by mid-2015 seems back on course. We wish all success...!


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