HiPRWind completes General Assembly in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, 29 January 2015 - The HiPRWind project completed today its General Assembly meeting. Members  of the HiPRWind consortium and the collaborating Norwegian FlexWT consortium met for two full days at the Frankfurt Airport conference center and reviewed the status and outlook of the project. Special attention was placed on the progress of the manufacturing of the floating platform, now more than half completed, the HiPRWind work planning going forward, and on the on-going design review by the FlexWT consortium in view of installation at the new site identified off the coast of mid-Norway, not far from Trondheim. Participants reviewed in detail the remaining challenges, which are very substantial. However, the importance of completing the project on time and according to the draft joint planning and the importance of HiPRWind in view of the continuing policy priorities on floating offshore wind was stressed by the Coordinators of both consortia.

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