ALE Heavylift Ibérica SA  ( is a Spanish brand of ALE company. ALE is a global heavy transportation and lifting provider combining exceptional project management with engineering intelligence to offer worldwide heavy transportation and lifting services to all industry sectors. Founded in 1983, the company has expanded steadily through a balanced strategy of organic growth and the acquisition of key companies whose experience has enhanced our specialist capabilities.

The Renewable Energy market is growing at an exponential rate and ALE is perfectly positioned to react to this demand. Currently active in both onshore and offshore wind energy projects, ALE are at the forefront of the industry and constantly working with developers, manufacturers and testing institutions to adapt and react to developments within the market. As a complete turnkey solution provider for transporting, lifting, ballasting, jacking, skidding and weighing heavy loads, organisations globally approach us to push the boundaries of what is possible with their high profile projects. As turbine components are increasing in size and weight, we are able to use our knowledge and expertise to provide suitable transportation, lifting equipment and engineering services to match the needs of the market. ALE are also able to utilise the record breaking AL.SK crane fleet, which have the capacity of lifting up to 5,000te.

Technical advances in offshore installation and floatover capabilities have made the fabrication of complete topsides weighing upwards of 50,000te possible. We’re continually developing new ways to safely load-out such structures using strand jacks, integrated skid systems, SPMTs and high capacity ballasting systems, and as a result, we’ve successfully loaded-out more than 1,000 structures across the world. One of our most recent innovations, the Mega Jack, is capable of lifting platforms of up to 50,000te to an elevation of 25m.

In fact our specialist services support every stage in the project lifecycle, from FEED engineering to the decommissioning of offshore facilities. We have state-of-the-art integrated ballasting systems with a typical capacity of over 60,000 Cu.m/h, advanced weighing equipment and a dedicated marine engineering division. With world-leading expertise in all of these areas, ALE offers a complete cradle-to-grave service in offshore skills.


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