HiPRwind platform design completed


The final engineering design for the 1.5 MW-scaled floating wind turbine to be used as the shared-access testing facility in the HiPRWind project has been approved by the procedure agreed among the relevant design partners during the month of May 2012, as part of Work Package 1. This allows the next phases of procuring construction materials and initiating the fabrication (Work Package 2) to start according to the global project planning.

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Scaled model tests of HiPRwind floater nearly completed


Tank tests of HiPRwind floater nearing completion, attracts the attention of high-level Norwegian and Spanish representatives attending a meeting on bilateral cooperation in future-proof renewable energy technologies.

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Japan launches deepwater wind demo programme


Japan launching ambitious deepwater wind demonstration effort, with 100's of GW technical potential quoted, and aims for multi-MW floaters in the water offshore Fukushima "already in 2013"

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